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2&10 Metal Recycling provides container service for your scrap metal recycling needs. We will drop off a container directly to your facility and place it where it is needed. When the container is full we will pick it up and replace with an empty container. The metal will then be weighed and payment processed.

We provide a variety of container sizes to accommodate our diverse clientele and their business demands. Our large containers can easily accommodate commercial and industrial clients, while our small bins are suitable for residential customers. We will work closely with you to implement a customized plan for your scrap metal recycling needs. Please contact us to inquire.


2&10 Metal Recycling works with municipalities, businesses, farmers and individuals to easily remove scrap metal off of your property.  We will bring the required equipment onto your property and professionally remove it.

If you are interested in this service it is recommended to call us promptly as we try to book many appointments in the same areas at the same time.  Please contact us about current pricing and to book your appointment.


Our professional staff is licensed to repair, service and perform provincial safety certifications on heavy-duty equipment, trucks and trailers.

  • Farm Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment
  • Heavy Duty On-Road Trucks

Please contact us to book your appointment.